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Justine McLaren


2021 Aurélie Abadie, Pâte de verre, CERFAV FR
2020 Kirstie Rea\Peter Nilsson, Coldworking, Canberra Glassworks AUS
2019 Kit Paulson, Flameworking, Canberra Glassworks
2019 Simon Maberley, Glassblowing, Canberra Glassworks
2011 Plant fibre/copper weaving, Port Vila, VANUATU
1998 Cotton and silk weaving, Phaeng Mai Gallery, Vientiane, LAO
1997 Bachelor of Arts (Sculpture), Australian National University, Canberra


My artwork is centred around flameworking borosilicate glass into tiny homes for plants to grow. The plants are carefully curated water plants that grow roots with a minimum of attention, just fresh water and sunlight. Scientific glass is unusually clear and more easily kept clean, which lends itself well as a lens for watching the plant specimens. The way the plants thrive despite their limited nutrients is a great wonder to me. Particularly at this challenging time of pandemic, it feels necessary to consider what contributes to our own flourishing and wellbeing.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture at the Australian National University, I left Australia and was apprenticed by a family of silk and cotton weavers in Vientiane, Laos. I continued weaving, shifting to three dimensional pieces using techniques learnt from fish and bird-trap weavers in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Following a stint of 5 years with the National Arboretum Canberra, I took on an administrative role with the Canberra Glassworks in 2018 and began to attend glassblowing and flameworking workshops. I have since been able to combine my love of plants with glass, and work from a home studio in Geneva.

Justine McLaren

Chemin de la Pie 9
Chambésy 1292





Blake Prize, Casula Powerhouse Sydney


Unstill Life, Solo exhibition, M16 Gallery, Canberra


Under Ice, Solo exhibition, M16 Gallery, Canberra


Asian Australian Artist’s Association Member’s Show, Gallery 4A, Sydney


Threads of Laos, Solo Exhibition, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Canberra


Threads of Laos, Camacrafts Gallery, Vientiane, LAO


Your Turn to Cook, Solo exhibition, Manuka Contemporary Artspace, Canberra