News – New Work – Caroline Ferrara

New Work – Caroline Ferrara

Article from the magazine Art & Design #10

Rebel at heart, this Swiss artist does not stop taking us off the beaten track, looking relentlessly for new techniques, new abstract compositions inspired by Nature and this material she likes so much: glass.

Her sculptures are such as tributes to Nature, reminding us the ground, the molten lava, the roughness of rocks, blazing minerals, touching the spectator by the poetry which gets free of games of transparency and light which characterize the pieces of the glass artist. Caroline Ferrara is a virtuoso, knowing how to treat glass thanks to numerous processes as the fusion in oven, the work in blowtorch, … She creates only unique rooms, always more challenging the laws of physics to better amaze us and make us dream … To note Caroline Ferrara will expose her work from 9 till 13 November during the MAG (Montreux Art Gallery).

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